Our Secret Ingredient

Thyme.  Yes, thyme.

Each and every event we’re invited to perform at includes lasers and tons of thyme.

Ok, seriously….  Our secret ingredient is certainly not thyme.  Rather, as Visual Entertainers, our foundation is built firmly upon a strong musical and technical background.  Simply said, we’re former musicians.

Every show we’re honored to perform at is executed, live.  Nothing is pre-programmed.  Live performances are indeed challenging, but doing so ensures each performance remains unique from any other event we’ve done.  To accomplish this, every member of our wonderfully creative staff must have complete understanding of music to allow them the ability to anticipate, react, and implement only the most appropriate and impactful laser effects/atmospherics at a given moment, within a given song.  Then comes extensive training.

When all is said and done, our secret ingredient is....

Our Awesome Staff