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"We did not add any decor to the room filled with over 600 associates.. Just the awesome laser show!"

Corporate events understandably have specific goals and intent.  Frankly, our approach is to compliment the same via strategically located laser-lit “touch-points” that offer the viewer & attendees visually impactful messages.

Ideas might include a mix of the following:

√  Laser illuminated logos that come alive with vivid color and most of all, animation.  Laser-lit logos have an appealing energy that command attention and can be displayed across virtually any distance, indoor or out.

√  Display your mission, message or mantra in beautiful scrolling text in several places, simultaneously, across any distance, for a fluid branding experience.

√  Socially engage your audience with streaming text messages and tweets, sent by your guests directly to our lasers (text-the-laser).  All messages are filtered (twice) to ensure appropriateness prior to display.  This is a wonderful way to break the ice at a given event, or fill natural event-lulls with humor and personalized enjoyment.  After all, everyone enjoys seeing their names in lights.  Here again, distance is not a factor.  Given this is true licensed laser lighting, messages can be displayed from ground level across the top of a hotel, or simply across the venue walls (imagine Times Square).

Does any of the above peak your interest?  Let us know.  We’ve got plenty more laser-lit ideas for your event that’s sure to leave a lasting impression, long after your event has concluded.

DMC, CMP, CSM & CMM inquiries always welcome.


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